Aufnahmen im Restaurant, Familie Resch im Winter 2023 © Stefanie Oberhauser

Farmhouse in Saalbach

The Liebe Heimat and farming in Saalbach Hinterglemm

Be enchanted by the country life and enjoy a break from the daily hustle and bustle in our Liebe Heimat. Enjoy the pure fresh mountain air, specialities from our own farm and unique experiences!

Farming with tradition

Today, the land on which our Liebe Heimat farmhouse is located was bought in 1930 by Daniel`s great-grandparents Josef and Theresia Resch. Josef, Daniel’s grandfather, worked as a farmer for the Austrian Federal Forests and was one of six children to inherit the farm. His wife Aloisia looked after the first guests in the "Theurergut" with great passion.

In 1973, the livestock was swapped from cows to ewes - with an additional lease, 7 cows, 7 sheep and 8 goats were fed. So, the years went by, and the farming business was handed over to Daniel & his mother, Marianne.

Today, there are around 20 ewes with their young at home with us in the “Liebe Heimat”.

Altes Bild
Alte Liebe Heimat
Altes Bild
Alte Liebe Heimat
Altes Bild

An honest warmth, a piece of home

Enjoy & feel good all along the line

The meat is processed in our restaurant kitchen and freshly served - for the ultimate experience of regional indulgence! For example, there is sometimes lamb liver on the menu. We use the bones to make soup and homemade sausages, which we sell in our shop and prove particularly popular along with our herb salt. In autumn, mutton is traditionally served in the inn.

Several times throughout the year, we serve lamb delicacies and other homemade dishes during our speciality weeks at the inn. It is with honour and pride that we continue our traditions through our LOVE for our HOMELAND!

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