from summer 2025
Young woman enjoying spa in hot springs in iceland

Refreshing bathing fun in crystal clear mountain air

The Liebe Heimat natural swimming pond

Nestled in the alpine landscape of the Glemmtal, you can experience summer with all your senses in the Liebe Heimat. Cozy in the beer garden with a view of the surrounding peaks, relaxing on your own balcony or adventurous with the children in the lovingly designed playground - nowhere are you as close to nature as here. From spring 2025 there will be another, very special place.

The Liebe Heimat natural swimming pond

The construction is scheduled to begin in mid-September 2024, and from the following spring the pond can be enjoyed by our house guests. Filled with crystal-clear mountain water, you can dive – quite naturally – into the refreshing water.

Aufnahmen im Restaurant, Familie Resch im Winter 2023 © Stefanie Oberhauser


With a size of around 18 x 8 meters, the pond ensures you can relax and have plenty of space to swim and splash around together. The clear mountain water that fills the swimming pond is a tribute to the surrounding mountain lakes. Clear, pure and at a heated 23 degrees ideal for the whole family. Our project manager, the renowned garden and natural pool builder Karl Sailer, is considered an Austrian pioneer with over 40 years of experience and impresses with concepts that perfectly integrate the beautifully designed facilities into the landscape. An eye for something special. The originality is highlighted and something new is created.

Highest water quality and natural bathing experience for the whole family

When bathing in a natural way without chemicals, the focus is on the highest water quality. Karl Sailer is a founding member of the VÖSN (Association of Austrian Swimming Pond and Natural Pool Construction) and has the swimming facilities regularly inspected by independent institutes. Success proves him right - the feeling of diving into the fresh mountain water on a hot summer day is truly unique. You can feel the clarity, naturalness and power of the pure water all over your body and enjoy the view of the surrounding summer landscape.

Our natural swimming pond

The facts at a glance

Size: 18 x 8 meters

  • Location: embedded in the beautiful landscape around the Liebe Heimat Special features: natural swimming pond with crystal clear water for the finest swimming experience, children's playground in the immediate vicinity
  • Start of construction: September 2024 Completion: Autumn 2024 Start of use: Spring 2025
  • Snacks and drinks can be conveniently ordered in the inn and enjoyed directly at the natural swimming pond. The comfortable loungers invite you to linger in the sun and offer space for relaxing together.

The natural swimming pond exclusively for Lieben Heimat’s guests – click here to book your apartment. We look forward to seeing you!